House of Wolves Progress

Its been a while since I posted about my current project, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy :)

Most of the game engine is done, and now I am working on the menus, achievements, save files and etc. Its boring work, but it needs to be done. Art is done, except for some popups. Most of the sounds are in the game. Game-play is almost final. Now all there is left is perfecting stuff and making sure everything runs well together. I invested a lot of time in a new save system that will hopefully allow me to save a lot of information quite easily. No need to say that saving a game in this project proves a challenge. Since the units have multiple AI states and possible actions, I have to make sure nothing goes wrong or missing when loading/saving a game in Story Mode.

Speaking of game modes, the game will be available in two modes: Story and Survival.

The Story mode will have 3 difficulty choices, plus every game the resources/enemies are laid out randomly. This mode features a tutorial and a background story. A normal story mode game usually lasts around 40 minutes. You can save in the menu and come back to your Story game later.

The Survival mode will have waves of enemies coming in from both sides. The goal will be to last the longest time possible before getting destroyed. You cannot save a game in Survival. The survival will most likely last 10 minutes for normal players and 20 minutes for experienced rts players.

Here are some screenshots of the game as it is right now:

how0 how1 how2 how3 how4 how5 how6 how7

9 thoughts on “House of Wolves Progress

  1. OnlinePlay

    im loved this game! but you need make the story mode more long why im want play more times :D

  2. Krypheonix

    Looks like a 9/10 game at least, overall.

    However, my hype for this game took a destructive hit by your statement “not multiplayer”.

    I thought you are a new, fresh and talented programmer who wanted to BRAKE trough the wall of short lasting singleplayer games, and give the community finally some fantastic multiplayer games.

    But well, that’s just my opinion, i am just a guy who likes social interaction and teamspirit in games.

  3. Samulis

    I really like what you did with the cliff face to give some good contrast on the bottom half of the map, looks great. :)

    The game looks really smooth as a whole, the number of units possible at one time is impressive too. Very consistent art style. Certainly will be one of the best flash games of the year as long as the mechanics are as solid as the aesthetics, IMO. Only critiques are that the light flashes in how4.jpg are contrasting the art style and the main menu background is rather bland (I would rather imagine the interior of a castle hall with some banners with wolf heads or something hanging on the sides).

    1. Louissi Post author

      Some of the visual choices were massively influenced by the amount of time I have on my hands. Unfortunately, not being a very good artist myself, I had to cut down on some of the menu art.

      However, I do want to re-visit those wizards bullet assets, and make them more fun to watch.

      1. Samulis

        Let me know if you need anything. I wouldn’t mind donating some of my time and resources to help such an epic game. :)


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