v0.2.6 New legs, skills, items and bow system :)

A new version of the game has been uploaded. The server should be running for a while, so if you want to test the new bows, head out to louissi.com/Sellsword.


What is new in this update?

  • There is a new bow item type and in shop. Its very cheap for now (50g). For now you have 255 arrows when you spawn ( for easy testing ) but later it will be more around 15-30 and you will have to buy your arrows. That way I guess players will think twice before shooting and there will be less bow spamming. Arrows can be blocked even without a shield with the right timing. Holding the bow pulled longer will help the accuracy, as well as being still.
    Arrows sometimes bug and stay in the air. It will be fixed in the next release.
  • You still have your account if you had one before, however you might want to sell or buy an item before doing anything else. The inventory is handled a little bit differently now and empty spots are removed. That caused some weird bug that can be fixed by buying or selling something.
  • Created server structure and game screens for permanent, consumable items. Don’t use them though, because they do nothing yet.
  • Created server structure and game screens for skills. The skills buying and selecting works, though they are not implemented in the game yet.
  • I added the objective on the hud and made multiple small visual changes to it.
  • Player name and hp is now displayed on mouse over. I tried to make it move out of the way of combat, so the name of players under you will display under them and etc.
  • Made changes to the animation system. There might be still some optimizations do to but basically now I can work with multiple animation models. That was needed to add the legs which are handled separately.
  • Added legs to players and a drop shadow filter. Let me know if you get major fps drop. Legs don’t represent what you have equipped for now but Ill add that when I finally hire an artist.
  • Optimizations! Changed the way the players body parts are displayed. Before now, it was all vectors. Vectors are light in the memory but take a long time to render compared to a bitmap. Also, with a lot of details on the armors, vectors can be very heavy on the graphics performance. Because of that, when a player spawns, his character parts are cached into bitmaps. That will enable the artists to not worry about the details they put in and should be faster. With all the customization possible on the players, it was quite tricky.
  • Made changes to the blood so its a little less apparent in a goal to make it more realist. Most games would end up in a blood bath.
  • New weapon trails and spark feedback on blocks

… and various other little things I probably forgot.

What is next?

First, ill try to find a way to host two servers on my machine. That way there will be a dev server and a public server. That should ensure you guys can come over and play the game with friends whenever you like. Ill post something about that this week.

There are still a lot of things do to but hopefully now most of the work will be done on the client and not the server. The first thing on the menu is to fix current bugs. I strongly feel the game needs to run as fast as it can and that means always optimizing along the way. Linking the skills and completing the consumables will come next. I also want to add “effects”. Effects will range from being on fire, frozen, stunned, etc. After that will be the time to add new game modes, make sure the menus are all finished and create a lot more maps. Sounds will get their turn at the end and the game will be close to release :)

If I am lucky and can find some more people to work with me, ill be able to release the game or at least find some financing around Christmas :) Kraft dinner isn’t as enticing anymore :P

Thanks for reading! If you can, share this website with your friends and leave some feedback on the comments. I read them all and try to learn from your experience. I am starting to see regular players come back for the tests and I am very grateful for them :) Thanks guys! As usual, I will be announcing when I am online and progress on my twitter: @Louissi

See you on the battlefield and watch out for that arrow in the knee!

Oh my time flies

Hey there! I know its been a while. However, no updates doesn’t mean that no work has been done :) I don’t have a lot to show for now but here is a screenshot of the new character screen I am working on:


There will be 5 tiers of skills, with 3 skills each. You will be able to have only one skill per tier active. I have been doing a lot of work on the backend code to support the new features and some others things I have yet to unveil.

For now, the alpha page is not working. Since I have to work a lot on the server code, I had to take it down. Eventually Ill get a real server so I can have a test and release server.


New features on the way

Now that the core mechanics are working, it’s time to start adding more features. The game will have a Skill system as well as consumable items.

Skills will help you gain the edge over certain situations. You will be able to have one skill active per row. Honestly, they won’t be very flashy. Most, if not all of them, will be passive. Some of them will provide ways to overcome previous difficulties or resist a certain type of strike. Others will reward a certain type of gameplay. Selecting skills that fit with your style of combat will be the key here.

The consumable items will be pretty straight forward. Players will be able to use their items in-game. Potions won’t be very helpfull in combat but will provide a way to regen between two battles.

See you soon for more updates!


Announcing Sellsword Public Alpha

Sellsword is a little project I have been working on for a while now. It is my first indie project and a looot of work went into it.

It is a fast-paced medieval multiplayer brawler. Players will engage in epic melee battles and work with their teammates to survive and gain xp and gold. The combat itself is very satisfying and I can’t wait to test it out with more people on the server.

Please try it here

The servers might now always be up as for now I have to host it on my machine. I will fix that soon.

Here are some images from the game ( some things changed since ):

alpha_characters alpha_game1 alpha_game2 alpha_game3 alpha_game4 alpha_shop

Sellsword Update #1

Alpha v0.1.25 is uploaded. Here are the improvements:

  • Changed the way inside of buildings are handled
  • Fixed a bug where the equipment wouldn’t be properly synched when someone joined a populated game
  • Added Weight and Speed modificators
  • Added total armor, speed and weight in Inventory
  • Weapons now do different damage depending on what you have.
  • Fixed menu
  • Gave the Inventory an Art pass
  • Added new blood effect
  • Added new blocking effect
  • Added more information on item overlay infocard
  • Fixed the animation smoothing, transitions between animations should be smoother now
  • Killing someone with better xp will give you better rewards
  • Team-killing will no longuer give you a reward

Sellsword Update #0

The Sellsword Public Alpha is coming together great. With your help, I was able to test the game with more people. It was a very satisfying experience. Feedback was gathered and it made the game better :) Thanks for that.

Since last release, I re-coded how the information is sent and synched, hopefully reducing the bandwidth. I also switch some logics around to make blocking more responsive. As a result players might sometime think they got a hit but they won’t. That is because the hits and blocks are now dependent on the client. It makes fights better I found, but you’ll let me know.

I also added a new character screen. You now need to create an account. These accounts are to test character progression. I need players to have one for now, but I plan to add a “Guest mode” later with no saves. When in game, click the “character” button to buy/equip/sell gear. The gear will update after you respawn but you can change it in the Lobby too. The system is working on its own and will be accessible at all time.

You can use a fake email but if we keep the accounts forever (unlikely), you might need a valid address.

What’s next? I will first focus on adding and finishing melee weapons. Right now all the weapons do the same amount of damage. Its pretty dumb I know. All the damage data is there though, so I just need to “plug it” in the system. Since it’s in Java, which is still a bit new to me, it takes me more time than i’d like. When that’s done, I will update the Character screen’s Icons and add “pole” weapons as well as two-handed axes/hammers to the mix. I also need to progress on the encryption side of things. Right now the game is in a relatively well secured environment but some things could be made safer. It’s the first time I release something myself so it will be a bit bumpy.

New prototype incoming

Its been a while.

It seems that as soon as I get really focused on a project I tend to forget about this blog.
I am working on a new project and this time totally indie :)
This is probably the biggest project I have ever worked on.
Mostly because of all the aspects of the development.

The project I am working on will be a real-time multi-player only action game. It will be focused on mostly precise sword/melee combat and will be medieval themed. Yes, I love medieval.
The game is inspired by games such as War of the Roses and Chivalry Medieval Warfare.
Think a 2d version of these games with its own unique twists. The visuals you see in the screenshot are not final, its merely placeholders. Though, I thought it would be fun to show the progress so far.

Dev screenshot

You can expect an alpha in the next month. The game will be free to play but you will probably also be able to have more content with small purchases (1-5$). While some might disagree, let me just say that people who will buy stuff won’t be overpowered. That would suck. However, I will have to turn a profit on this game to be able to make an other one. Ill find a way to make it a win/win situation for everyone.

House of Wolves Progress

Its been a while since I posted about my current project, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy :)

Most of the game engine is done, and now I am working on the menus, achievements, save files and etc. Its boring work, but it needs to be done. Art is done, except for some popups. Most of the sounds are in the game. Game-play is almost final. Now all there is left is perfecting stuff and making sure everything runs well together. I invested a lot of time in a new save system that will hopefully allow me to save a lot of information quite easily. No need to say that saving a game in this project proves a challenge. Since the units have multiple AI states and possible actions, I have to make sure nothing goes wrong or missing when loading/saving a game in Story Mode.

Speaking of game modes, the game will be available in two modes: Story and Survival.

The Story mode will have 3 difficulty choices, plus every game the resources/enemies are laid out randomly. This mode features a tutorial and a background story. A normal story mode game usually lasts around 40 minutes. You can save in the menu and come back to your Story game later.

The Survival mode will have waves of enemies coming in from both sides. The goal will be to last the longest time possible before getting destroyed. You cannot save a game in Survival. The survival will most likely last 10 minutes for normal players and 20 minutes for experienced rts players.

Here are some screenshots of the game as it is right now:

how0 how1 how2 how3 how4 how5 how6 how7